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Yesh Malik is a British born, California raised actor and comedian. He’s performed at the Groundlings Theater. He’s a super funny actor in the web series Making Partner and The Life and Times of Samantha Jane. Yesh was invited to write for the CBS Diversity Showcase, because his two-person, comedy show Arab Israeli Comedy Hour was hilarious! Here’s his write-up in LA WEEKLY.

He produces social media writing for Life Noggin: YouTube - 2.6M subscribers; directed, wrote, and produced for Super Deluxe: Facebook - 2.4M followers, and BuzzFeed: Youtube & Facebook - 18M subscribers!

At 6 yrs old, Yesh starred in his first play, Hey Diddle Diddle, playing the Cat and the Fiddle. His mom sewed his costume from her extra black pantyhose, to this day she blames that black pantyhose for making him gay.

Yesh was born in London to Assyrian parents from Iraq, and grew up in the California heartland. He studied Linguistics at UC Berkeley. He continues studying writing and acting at The Groundlings Theater and performing comedy all over town. Yesh also loves to dance like everyone is watching.



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